Liebster Award 2016

Liebster Award 2016

I’m really happy to tell that Helena Travels has been nominated for the Liebster Award by Trails of Becca! First I would like to thank Becca for this nomination – Thank you, I really appreciate this. In her blog Becca is sharing some really useful travel tips along with beautiful pictures, check it out here! and follow her in Twitter @trailsofbecca

What is this Liebster Award? It is an award for new or lesser known bloggers to help them gain more recognition of their work. There is no actual award – just being nominated is already a prize! The award is given by bloggers to bloggers, if you are nominated and accept the award you:

  • write a post where you answer 11 questions given by the blogger who nominated you
  • pick 5–11 more bloggers to nominate and
  • write your 11 questions for them.

My Questions

1.Why did you start a travel blog?

I have always traveled quite a lot and often people ask me some travel tips if they are going somewhere where they know I have been. So, I figured that why don’t make my travel tips public and write a blog about them! Especially traveling here in Australia there are many things I wish I would have known earlier so now I try to pass the things I have learned to my fellow backpackers.

2.Where was your first destination?

I have to say I don’t remember! My parents have taken me traveling since very young age, so the first travel memories I do have are from the road trips around Central and Southern Europe we did. Germany was probably my first destination.

3.What is the longest time you spent traveling?

So far 15 months, which is my current trip to Australia.

4.What is your favorite mean of transport?

This really depends on where I am but since I love the ocean I would say a boat.

5.What is your dream destination?

A small island somewhere in middle of Pacific with good surf, beautiful beach, no tourists and delicious food. I don’t know does this exist but some day I’m going to find out.

6.Would you rather travel alone or with someone?

Hmm hard to say…I have to confess that I have not done much solo traveling. I would want to do that but right now I’m used to traveling with someone. I do like it that you can share all the ups and downs of your journey with someone, but then again by doing solo traveling you would probably meet even more new people.

7.What is your favorite memory or experience you lived while traveling?

I have had so many good memories while traveling! One good memory that comes in mind is one morning we had a sunrise surf on the beach near Byron Bay. There was a beautiful sunrise, ocean was clean as glass and there was no one else than me, my partner, one local and a pod of dolphins that came to play around.

8.What are your essentials when it comes to packing?

I don’t think I have many things that I always take with me wherever I go. I don’t like to carry too much stuff with me on day trips, so I always take at least a small cross shoulder handbag where I can fit my wallet, phone, sunglasses and a water bottle. Before coming to Australia I bought this Biwak travel towel and this is definitely going to be an item I’m going to take with me for future trips. It folds into super small space, doesn’t weight anything and dries fast.

9.What is your favorite type of accommodation?

I love to stay in beach bungalows! Simple style and short distance to the ocean.

10.Is there any place you would want to visit again?

Oh yes, quite many actually. I totally fell in love with Rio de Janeiro, I only had two weeks in there but could have definitely stayed longer. And I always find myself going back to Bali. I did my exchange studies there and lived on the island for four months, so it always feels quite homely to go back.

11.Where will you be heading to next?

I still have time here in Oz until March next year, but after that the plan is to stay in South East Asia for awhile before heading back home. I’ll be probably heading at least to Sumatra, maybe Mentawais, Philippines and Thailand. Have to see, I don’t want to make too much plans cause they are not going to stick anyway.

My Nominees

1. Wanderlust Willow –

Twitter: @WillowStancombe

Willow shares interesting stories of her travels along with some great travel tips. Her blog is filled with beautiful travel pictures so it is also excellent place to seek for travel inspiration.

2. Vic Advisor –

Twitter: @VicAdvisor

Vic Advisor is like a better version of trip advisor. Detailed travel guides, tips to culinary experiences and hotel reviews, what more can you ask for!

3. Fiona in Wanderland –

Twitter: @fionawanderland

Before graduating University, Fiona realized that 9-5 treadmill isn’t really her thing and instead decided to go for an adventure! In her blog Fiona is currently telling about her time teaching local children English in Thailand and Cambodia.

4. Quirky Travellers 

Twitter: @Quirky_Travel

Amy and Danny have decided to travel to Australia in November (welcome mates!) and in their blog are currently telling about their waiting time and pre-travel preparations. Good tips about how to save money for traveling and what to consider before going to long-term travel!

5: Lesser

Twitter: @thelesserscene

As the blog title may reveal, this girl is gonna lead you to the path lesser explored! With her personal and fun writing style Christie’s texts are anything but boring to read – such a refreshing addition to the travel blogging world.

6. The Adventurous Lifestyle Lab –

Instagram: @theadventurouslifestylelab

If you are a fan of inspirational travel pictures, this blog is something to keep an eye on! Adventurous lifestyle lab isn’t all about travel – it covers also food (yummy recipes), events and other aspects adventurous lifestyle.

7. Kangaru Adventure –

Instagram: @beccakanguruadventure

If you are planning to come to the land down under, Kanguru Adventure blog is definitely something you should read (besides my blog 😉 ). In her blog Becca is telling about what it is really like to live in Australia and also shares also some great tips!

Questions to My Nominees

1. What is your favorite travel blog?

2. Tell your funniest travel story!

3. Which country you think has the best cuisine?

4. How many languages do you speak?

5. What motivates you to travel?

6. What is your best travel tip?

7. How has traveling changed you?

8. From all the places you have been, which one is your favorite?

9. What do you think is the best thing that your home country has to offer for travelers/tourists?

10. Where did you experience your biggest culture shock?

11. If you could take anyone with you to your travels, who would you take?

Hope to hear from you soon guys! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Liebster Award 2016”

  • Hi Helena! Thanks a lot for the nomination! I am honoured.
    I am leaving for Hungary tomorrow. Will be visiting Budapest, Siofok, and attending the Balaton Sound festival. I will write a post answering your questions when I get back next week. Looking forward to it!
    Enjoy Australia! I was there for 2 months last year – it was great!

    x Hannah

    • Hi Hannah! Budapest is awesome, enjoy your trip. 🙂 Looking forward reading your post, you deserve this award!

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